Update: Announcing The Global Meadow Movement + Some Before Pictures!

I am pleased to announce The Global Meadow Movement, a worldwide rewilding project aiming to combat pollinator habitat loss and restore essential ecosystems. At Climate Offensive, we’ve seen positive reactions to this blog, and we see no reason not to expand it into a global movement while the seasons are still transitioning. This project started here in Iowa with my parents’ yard, but as the movement grows, we anticipate seeing spaces transforming all over the world.

If you’re reading this a year from the time this was posted, you can use my blog as a template for your own rewilding efforts. If you’re reading this right now in 2019, I invite you to join me in transforming a space, no matter how large, into something sustainable, eco-friendly, and beautiful!

Want to join the movement? Contact me here or through reddit, include pictures of your space as it currently is, and let us know where you are in the world. We’ll feature those pictures here, first in a collection of locations around the globe who are joining the movement, then later as an individual spotlight of the transformative rewilding that took place in your neck of the woods. If you can’t start until the next spring, or two or three springs from now, reach out to me anyways. Everyone’s journey will be different, but the results will be worth it no matter when they happen.

So, without further ado, here are the before pictures of my parents’ space. They’re nothing spectacular, I promise you. Spring is shyly arriving in the Midwest, slowly melting the snow bit by bit. I’m patient, but not patient enough to hold out on showing you just what exactly I’m working with.

Check out these videos from American Meadows to see the entire process of planting a wildflower meadow from beginning to end. Each step of my journey will be documented here for your reference, but I’ve included these videos in case you want to take your rewilding project at a faster pace than mine.

*Climate Offensive and The Global Meadow Movement are not sponsored by American Meadows in any way.
Their website has just been a great resource for me throughout the beginning stages of this project.

I’ve talked previously about the incredible impacts of rewilding, but those last few shots of those gorgeous meadows speak for themselves. It’s low cost, low effort (especially in the long term), sustainable, and impactful no matter where and how large your space may be. It doesn’t have to be the entire lawn; this initial project of mine isn’t. Every square foot of meadow restored is an exciting contribution to the fight against habitat loss.

Give this blog a follow to stay up to date on my process, my research, and all things rewilding. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. We can’t wait for you to join us in the movement!

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