Update: Meadow Restored is One Month Old + We’re Ready to Transplant!

Just a small update coming your way! Things have been moving along pretty slowly in my neck of the woods. Spring in Iowa is WET AND COLD. But we complain all winter about the weather, so I’ll keep my mouth shut now that it’s above freezing.

Today, a beautiful, sunny, 70 degree Saturday, seemed like the perfect opportunity to get everything prepped and ready to go. I finished raking, pulling some grasses, and digging out saplings that I had started last week, and I have plans to rent a rototiller and transplant the current perennials in a few days!

I recognize that a lot of what I’m doing in this flower bed will be unique to my personal project, so when I calculate the cost of the entire meadow, I’ll be sure to have two separate expense reports so you can reference the one that most resembles your own space.

Also, the Meadow Restored blog turned one month old yesterday! I’m really excited to see the results of this project, and I’m even more excited to watch the Global Meadow Movement take shape in the coming months! (Remember to message me if you decide to start a meadow of your own!) I’m thankful for the positive feedback I’ve received so far!

Get ready to see this flower bed (and the lawn next to it) transform in the next couple of weeks!

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