Update: Shaking My Fist at the Sky

Iowa, I love you. Truly, I do. But get your crap together. This week’s forecast was a mess, and so is next week’s. As you can see, we’re due for (in no particular order) heavy winds, sunshine, thunderstorms, rain, and snow. Each on a different day. Each putting a damper on my plans for this meadow. But that’s what I get for assuming I’ll have consistent dry weather in April. I’ve lived here long enough that I knew what to expect and still, I can’t help but be bummed out when I wake up to thunder.

But I’ve made it work! I’ve gotten a lot done, and we’re actually only two steps away from planting the meadow. One of those steps is as easy as booting up my laptop and ordering the seeds!

The limestone border has been moved just off site temporarily, the hardy day lilies were transplanted just in time to receive some gentle rain, and we’ve decided to leave the hosta plants and the little bit of tarp where they are. Now all that’s left is to bring in some dirt to cover up some roots and borrow a rototiller. Once the grass is tilled, it’s planting time!

If there are any dry days next week, you can expect a substantial update. Otherwise, hang tight, folks! Don’t get snowed in or blow away. Who knows what’s in store?

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