Update: Seeds and a New T-Shirt! My Shopping Spree is Over!

American Meadows has delivered me a cute, cloth bag of seeds just in time for me to start planting. I ordered them over a week ago, but with the holiday last weekend, I assumed things would take a bit longer to ship. But now they’re here, and all is well. The backyard is tilled; thank goodness my friend Kori was able to loan me her rototiller for the two days it took to accomplish this mighty task. For most of you, the tarp method (which I will have an entire post about later) or simply burning away your lawn might be a better, and more cost effective, solution.

We’re due for rain almost all of the weekend and into next week, so tomorrow’s my last day to haul in some dirt and plant these seeds for a while. I plan to add a layer of soil over the tilled dirt, and my dad and I are making a retaining wall next to the meadow. Neither of the two loads of dirt we’ve brought in will be factored into my expense reports because you likely won’t be in the same boat I am in when you rewild your space, but for those of you who are curious, we were able to strike a deal with a local service that charged us about $20 for 2,000 lbs of dirt. Score!

In addition to my seeds, I’ve also purchased a shirt from one of my favorite stores that I couldn’t help but share with you. RAYGUN is a local T-shirt company based out of Des Moines that also makes hand towels, tote bags, mugs, coasters, stickers, postcards, hats, you name it! They started out only making Iowa and Midwest based products, most of which are hilarious, by the way. Over the years, they’ve added many hysterical political shirts, sports shirts, and even an entire collection dedicated to bacon! They’ve recently added an environmental collection with shirts and stickers that say anything from “KEEP IT CLEAN. THIS IS EARTH, NOT URANUS,” to “KEEP PUBLIC LANDS PUBLIC.”

I saw their “THANK A POLLINATOR” shirt and just had to buy one for myself. So here it is in all its glory. The bee is even saying “you’re welcome!” Here’s a link to that specific shirt if you want one for yourself. Their pollinator-themed kitchen hand towels are on my wish list, though I’m certain they’ll be in my house sooner rather than later.

Thanks for reading this tiny update, and I hope you’re looking forward to the much larger update that should hopefully (fingers crossed!) happen tomorrow!

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