Week 1 Update: What am I Looking at?

This update is going to be devoid of photos. Not because my camera isn’t working. No, it’s because there’s nothing to write home about, as the saying goes. I’ve been watering my meadow, watching the little bits of grass I missed get taller and greener. Little cotyledons poke through the ground, but I have no idea if they’re weeds or flowers. And then I remember that I’m not supposed to thing of any plants as weeds (though it was brought to my attention that we should always be aware of what’s growing in our yards to ensure there are no noxious plants making a home for themselves right next to you and your pets). But then I think about how I’m growing a WILDFLOWER meadow and get a bit flustered. I’m impatient folks, and this is an apology for my growing excitability.

Hopefully, next week will have a lot more to show. Sorry for the short post, y’all! Wish I had more to show you!

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