Week 2 Update: Braving the Storm

These spring storms have not been the nicest to my little sprouts. At least four of the days this last week were filled with Flash Flood Advisory inducing downpours, and next week looks to be about the same. But the little sprouts that have sprung up all over the meadow seem to have survived for the time being. The entire area is covered in these little, hopeful seedlings, and while the bits of grass I left behind continue to grow, the space as a whole looks to be shaping up nicely!

There’s not much else to report on for now, but stay tuned for more growth in the coming weeks! Isn’t there an idiom about the monotony of watching grass grow? Oh well, thanks for stopping in!

Before I sign off, here’s one picture I took of the space:

Soaking wet soil, tiny sprouts, and an abundance of maple seeds!

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